Together in 2000

Europeans at Dingwalls, August 2000

Steve Hogarth - Geoff Dugmore - Colin Woore - Ferg Harper

August 8th 2000 Dingwalls

In the Dingwalls bar, after the first 'H' band show, I spoke to the Colin Woore, Geoff Dugmore, Steve Hogarth and the elusive Fergus Harper. The most exciting news is that the Europeans albums will almost certainly be re-issued on CD in the future. There was also talk of a possible live re-union show ! Here are a few photographs from the night, plus news from each of the guys.

Europeans Pictures (click for larger versions)

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Pic Three

Steve, Geoff, Colin & Ferg


Another Band Pose


Europeans at the bar






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A Thoughtful Four Piece


Geoff & Ferg


Me & Colin

Europeans News

Geoff Dugmore


Geoff has been recording an album with Rod Stewart & Greg Alexander (of the New Radicals), as well as some tracks with Ronan Keating. Asked if he had played sessions on a lot of 'singles', Geoff reckoned that he'd appeared on five UK, and five US number one records.








Ferg Harper


Ferg is the only Europeans member that I had yet to hear from with regard to the site. He promised me an interview in the future. He very much enjoyed the gig. Even though he hadn't seen Steve play since the day the Euros split, Ferg commented that Steve looked, and sang exactly the way he remembered him. He also noted that the Euros used to play the song 'Dry Land', (the HWL album was played over the PA before the gig), but it had different lyrics.





He hasn't played bass guitar for over 15 years, since the Euros disbanded, and may need some persuading to play again ! He certainly didn't fancy climbing into the white leotards. It was hard for him to think of singing 'The Animal Song' , particularly when today he prefers the like of 'Fatboy Slim' ! He recalled the time he 'accidentally' caught the episode of 'Beavis & Butthead' where they ripped into the 'Animal Song video' on MTV, and told me that the Europeans appeared on the BBC TV live music programme 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' complete with their 'amplified chairs' idea. Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel, who were also on the show impressed him.








Colin Woore


Colin, gave me the encouraging news about the re-releases and the live show rumour ! He was very happy to see the 'Dry Land' album available once more, his favourite track being 'Lost at Sea' (although 'India' was the best sounding.) He enjoyed playing with Steve again. They only played 'Working Town' because they didn't have time to rehearse up any other tracks (although Steve did soundcheck with 'Games in Germany' on the Wednesday night !) Having resigned all the Europeans material to their publisher last year, the band are enthusiastic to re-release the albums at last. It was suggested that when they come out, a live re-union show might be a possibility.





He also elaborated on the 'John Otway' recording sessions and 'Band Behind the Curtain' tour. He recalled the 4 of them trying not to laugh as they recorded some of the tracks, and laying a version of Bachman Turner Overdrive's 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' down on tape, all in stitches !! He also thought that the Euros had played in Cambridge (my home town) somewhere in time, maybe a Kings College Ball. Among the other many tales, Colin told me of the time Radio One DJ Janice Long rang the house that the euros all lived in (in London), the morning after a great gig she had attended. A sleeping Colin was the only one left in the house at the time, and given the news that they would ring him back in 5 minutes to have a chat live on air !





His 'solo' album is written, and he's making a start on recording soon. Colin's wife Marie was particularly excited about the material. Geoff may play some drums on the tracks. We look forward to that very much.








Steve Hogarth


Steve looked very tired after the shows, but was still happy to chat in the bar afterwards. He was particularly pleased to see Ferg and Geoff. I thanked him for the interview on the website, even though he didn't remember doing it ! He was very pleased with the band's playing and was looking forward to the next night's gig.










All in all, two great nights. It was good to finally meet up with the four of them. It's looking like a good year !!










Pictures by : Tim Glasswell & Inge Kuijt. Many thanks to Colin & Marie, Geoff, , Ferg & Steve.




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