All The Time In The World 

I don't believe you're giving up
I don't believe that you can't go on
Nothing hurts forever
Wait and see
I know you're feeling nothing
But a shadow of a love you had
If you need an ear to listen
You can talk to me
I've got all the time in the world
Something on your mind, I'll take it away
Open your heart in my direction
What do you say, what do you say
I've got all the time in the world
I can see a sadness in you face
Throw it away in my direction
Throw it away
You can't lock it inside you
And hope it's going to heal in time
There's something I can do for you
Wait and see
If you want to mumble into your sleeve
I don't mind if you don't mind
I can make some room for you
Talk to me