Ain't got a reason to live this way, but still I do

I haven't talked to you today, I don't want to

Looked in the papers, looked in the mirror. What did I see?

I saw the pictures of the youth today. They're just like me now


I think, I'm so typical, you're so typical

It's too difficult, life's so typical


Snuck out my window and I looked outside. I got no right

There's lots of people just looking like you, I know I'm right

They have the same looks, they have the same hair, they all spoke the same

I'm not getting excitement now, it's a boring game




I don't wanna speak, I don't wanna worry

I don't wanna work, I don't want the money...


You talk around, I looked everywhere

I looked in the attic, I looked in the basement

I looked at my life, ...and again

I looked at the problems and they're all the same