The Rainbow Room 

We're all getting along like a house on fire

Taking bets on the time when the roof will fall

There are those in the room who must stay behind

While the animals escape through the cracks in the wall

When the lights go down in the rainbow room

And you find your feet in the darkness

As you lie alone what will you do?

In the rainbow room feeling black and blue


With your value printed on the clothes you wear

And your self-respect

And your nose in the air

Watch a million faces going down the tube

Beaten up like you

Beaten black and blue

Easy now

Don't fret yourself

'Nothing more wrong here than we might expect

You've been spoon-fed this since your infancy

Every sound you've heard

Every picture you've seen


When you run for your life down the corridor

With a thousand keys to the outside

Tubes of mirrors and light chasing after you

Will dissolve your sight in the rainbow room

Cover all the stains with emulsion paint

'Till it's sickly sweet

'Till it's prickly clean...