New Industry 


Smoke from the suburb

To the inner city

See lives are burning

Sweat, lard and muscle

Used to be the method

See how we're turning

Families in trouble

Starving but still working

On...the hunger

Feel the pain of passion

Fed high production


They say we don't, we know we won't

We will stretch for New Industry

We're driving 'till maturity

See the force of New Industry


Open the gates

To enterprise

By means of science

Now we are moving

Praise engineers for

Bringing us progression

One is approving

On ......darkness

Do we stumble

Pressured by steam work

Coming to the surface

New lives are waiting




Bang with the hammers

On a stony surface

There's no abrasion

Melting the steel

For tracks we are laying

Where is it leading?

On from the foundry

Second roles in commerce.

Ask the neighbour

Will you run the country?