Games in Germany 

I left my home for to see the world

And I waved goodbye to the factory floor

I broke the news to a northern girl

And I signed my name

And I joined this game

I sold myself

To the flying life

Into the blue with no way back down

And they send me here

To defend their faith

And I go walking out like I own this town


Playing games in Germany

Baseball diamond for the Europeans

Across the boards with this pointless dream

I'm scoring points in Germany


You charmed my life with a restless soul

You told me tales all those years ago

Of a world outside that was new and wild

I feared for you

And you proved me right


Playing games in Germany

Across the Rhine in your army greens

Making noise in the name of peace

With all the boys in Germany


You signed your name to the sport of kings

When you waived goodbye with a laughing glance

And now you're gone where the heroes go

And the game goes on but I still don't know


Playing games in Germany

I see your face on every street

Games will never make us free

Games won't bring you back to me