English Summer 

Deep on a winter's night

Out in the countryside

Nothing is heard of seen

Snow on a village green

The weather was cold as ice

And doors were locked up tight

When out of the silence

A madman's voice was heard

Careless and Carefree

I heard every word


It won't be long before an English Summer

Blue skies and clearer days ahead

Out in the sunshine with another lover

Doing nothing, gonna feel alright again


So if you're down on your luck

Free time on your hands

Nothing to call your own

No one to understand

Don't you be downhearted

I have found it's true

When the sun comes shining out again

Will they let it like I choose (?)




It won't be, It won't be, It won't be long, be long, be long

It won't be long before an English Summer

Gonna feel alright, Gonna feel alright......