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It was suggested that a page for positive feedback on the site would be appreciated. I have therefore searched through my archive for various e-mails I have received over the last year. The first three messages in particular make running this site even more worthwhile. Thanks to everybody who sent a message of support!



From: Steve Hogarth

Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:42 PM

Subject: Steve Hogarth


Hello Tim,


Congratulations on putting together a viby little site! If there's anything I can help you with, drop me a line.


Steve H




From: one management ltd

Date: Tuesday, May 11, 1999 3:08 PM





This is Geoff Dugmore calling. Dig the site. Very informative. lots of things I don't remember.


We should talk sometime and I'll let you know all about the band. We still have a lot of tracks sitting around that never came out. Keep up the good work


All the best






From: Colin Woore

Date: Monday, June 07, 1999 4:07 PM

Subject: Europeans /How We Live site


Hello Tim


This is Colin Woore - three out of four I believe.

Enjoyed looking at the site.  It's amazing how much stuff you've got, and it looks really good. 

If you'd like to know any more, just contact me.






From: Krys and Geoff

Date: October 1998

Subject: The Rainbow Room




...I think your site is superb - wonderful much-needed information both the Europeans and How We Live, terrific pictures, discography and links. I found your site both user friendly and attractive and hope you continue to add interesting facts. Congratulations on a really great site


Love and peace,


Krys XX




From: Morten Ottosen

Date: Saturday, February 27, 1999 4:34 PM

Subject: Favorite website!


Hello there


Thanks for putting up the  fantastic Europeans/How We Live website. I have searched the net in vain for information and/or sites on these two bands for practically years and I was glad to finally find your site, which is stunning! There is a ton of information there I was completely unaware of, especially that How We Live actually did live gigs. Oh well... thanks a lot for an excellent website for two of my favorite bands!




Morten Ottosen



From: Gina

Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 5:35 PM

Subject: Re: Europeans and How We Live re-releases?


Hi Tim,


I had looked at your website a while back, but then lost the URL. Thanks for contacting me and giving me the new URL.  If i remember correctly, the website has grown more since i last had a look.  Below is another quote from a chat with H on HWL (i assume you already saw the one on the Europeans that i post for someone on Freaks Digest).  Thought it might interest you if you haven't already read it:


Lipgloss: Just wanted to tell you that HWL cd is an AOR masterpiece! Looking back, what are your thoughts on this album now? Are you still fond of it?


Steve Hogarth: I thought Gina would get the last question in LOL! I have mixed feelings about it. I haven't heard it for a long time, so talking about it from memory.... I'm particularly proud of The Rainbow Room, Lost at Sea, Games in Germany (one of the best and most personal songs I ever wrote). And Working Town.







From: Kevin

Date: Monday, October 12, 1998 7:58 PM

Subject: Europeans Website




Thanks for the great website - I have been wondering for a while how to find out what actually "exists" in terms of material from these two bands. Too bad it can't ALL be re-issued onto cd!


Kevin :>)




From: Santi Prats

Date: Wednesday, February 24 & Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Subject: Re: The Rainbow Room - Europeans and How We Live Pages



...BTW, excellent new addition to the page, Tim. The videography is of an historical nature and much appreciated.


Congratulations for the press articles. Worth a look!


A very interesting site indeed.


Santi Prats, Barcelona, Spain




From: Jeroen Schipper

Date: 11 Oct 1998

Subject: Europeans site


Looks great! Nice to have some pages on those bands. I will add a news item to my website with a link.

Good luck!






From: Muppet

Date: 1998

Subject: Website




i just found your site by the marillion-newsgroup. And i must say :"you have worked it out brilliant". I just got a copy from How We Live and it is fantastic. keep up your good work!!!! I will watch it from time to time





From: Simon Clarke

Date: Wednesday, February 10, 1999 10:42 PM

Subject: Re: re-releases



Hi Tim,


Sorry for the delay in replying. Things have been pretty hectic here with moving house and loads of Web stuff to do! The petition (for re-release of Europeans albums on CD) project never really got finished. We have several hundred names but just as we were about to send it A & M records ceased to exist. H told us that we stood more of a chance of getting the Europeans stuff re-released than the How We Live stuff (excellent album btw!) which he said he didn't think would ever be available again due to record company politics/debts etc. etc.


I'll see if I can find out who the Europeans stuff should be sent to now that A & M don't exist any more and let you know.

BTW - great web site. I did send h your URL - dunno if he ever checked it out though.




The Web UK





Date: 29 May 1999 21:35:10 GMT


Subject: Re: Hogarth, somewhere before?


> Does anyone have any information about what Steve did before joining Marillion?


He was in two different bands in the 80's -- The Europeans and How We Live.  In the former, I think he mostly just played keyboards, singing on a track or two.  In the latter, he was, along with Colin Woore, the main man, singing all vocals (I believe).  Europeans were new wave; How We Live were more in the vein of mid-to-late 80's "adult alternative pop" . . . well, not unlike some of the material on "Holidays in Eden," actually.  In fact, one of the songs form that album was on the Europeans album.  Maybe it was "Dry Land"? It was whatever song gives songwriting credit to Colin Woore. Anyway, I wouldn't wholeheartedly recommend either band, although, if you stumbled across one of their used records/tapes, it would be worth picking up, at least for novelty's sake :-)


Michael K.




From: Gina

Date: Sunday, May 30, 1999 8:03 PM


Subject: Re: Hogarth, somewhere before?


Go to the link below for all the info you need on Europeans and How We Live. Very informative. If you love AOR type stuff, you will absolutely love How We Live.  I think it's some of Hogarth's best writing.  Europeans is 80's dance, which i like too, although if you're not into that, i know a lot of people find the Europeans a bit cheezy.  Personally, i liked both the bands he was in.  BTW- Yes it was "Dry Land" from the How We Live album that was used on Marillion's Holidays in Eden later on.



Gina Achord



From: Peter Hodson

Date: 6 March 2000 20:59

Subject: Europeans website




I just wanted to say thanks for the great website. I've been searching for this kind of information for a couple of years. An appeal on the Marillion newsgroup led me to the site and I'll be spreading the word to others I know will be interested.   Cheers  





From: Thomas Wright

Date: 16 January 2000 03:06

Subject: Great Work


I just wanted to say that I think you´ve done a marvellous job with the Europeans/How We Live page!

One thing though.... would it be possible to add some realaudio-bits (or something of that nature)?

I am a huge fan of Marillion and Steve H but I have never heard a single Europeans/How We Live song. I have frantically searched the web for Europeans/How We Live audiofiles but it seems totally hopeless....?

And getting hold of the old LP.s or CD.s must be impossible........?

Anyway......thanks for a very interesting page !

Regards from Thomas in Sweden.



From: Philip Hendry

Date: 03 December 1999 16:52

Subject: European Heaven

Absolutely f**king brilliant....never thought the Europeans would be on the Internet- after all not of their material ever made it to CD! Was massive fan of the band - even stuck with Steve for a while at the start of the Marillion years (despite the stick I took from friends). Steve will remember me from the black days at the end of the Euros/How We Live when I was one of a small number of fans whose support he said kept him sane. keep up the good work.


From: Antonio Amato

Date: 11 August 2000 09:17

Subject: Your Website




A full blown site dedicated to The Europeans.  I've been waiting blinkin' years for this.  I found your site via Bert ter Steege's Marillion site.  He told me that How We Live is due for re-release (via but said he hadn't heard if any of The Europeans stuff was going to be re-released. Do you have any idea?  Also do you have any of the video footage?  I used to have satellite tv that picked up WDR and every saturday night I used to video 4 hours of Rockpalast because I saw a Europeans poster in the background.  Sadly I never managed to get them!


Anyway,  nice site and a massive THANK YOU!





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